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behind the posts

Hey there, thanks for swinging by!


We're Chloe and Tayler, the creative minds behind Loki Travel Box. If you haven't guessed it already, we're just another van life couple, meandering from beaches to mountains in our tiny home on wheels, Loki the van.

I (Chloe) handle about 98% of the work around here (have a word with Tay if you see him!). So, while you might come across Tayler's opinions in our blogs, I tend to always have the final say.

Since you've landed on our page, I will assume you share our enthusiasm for van life, van builds, tiny homes, and my fave topic, travel, specifically slow travel.

We've carved out this little space to share our wealth of knowledge and experience in van design and building. Since building our own tiny rolling home, we've become experts in this area (if we do say so ourselves). And along the way, we'll also jot down anything inspiring, mind-blowing, or simply a must-see as we leisurely explore Europe and beyond (we're all about that slow travel life).

As our adventure continues indefinitely, this space will naturally grow and evolve, just like us. But here's the fun part: we want to know what you want to see from us! If there's anything you're itching to learn or experience, drop us a line. We're all ears!

Welcome to Loki Travel Box, where inspiration awaits for your next project or adventure. We're thrilled to have you here and can't wait to hear all about your own journeys. <3

Disclaimer: Please note that our opinions are our own, and if our tastes don't align with yours, well, maybe you've been doing it wrong (just kidding, we promise!). Let's embrace our differences and make this journey even more exciting!

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