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What its all about.

If you are considering taking on the challenge of designing and building your own campervan conversion, or switching up your lifestyle and diving into vanlife, but aren't too sure where to start, don't stress, we can offer you support.

We offer a one-on-one video consultation service, as well as Q&A sessions to assist you in your journey, no matter what stage you are at. These sessions can be tailored to your needs and as loose or structured as you like, we are at your service. 

Why trust our advice and Guidance?

Prior to designing and building our own campervan from scratch, and diving head first into living full-time on the road, Tayler ran his own construction business fitting Kitchens and Bathrooms and has vast specialist knowledge on carpentry, electrics and plumbing which has translated beautifully into a wealth of van build knowledge. I (Chloe), worked as an Interior Designer, specialising in small space living, and then transitioned for a short period into construction, working as a project lead.

Between us, we were well equipped to embark on our van design & build journey, and after living in our tiny home on wheels for well over a year, its safe to say we LOVE our build, as well as the lifestyle, and now we want to support others who are embarking on this great adventure, every step of the way. 

Get in touch below via our contact form to arrange a consultation with us. 

We cant wait to talk all things van design, build and travel with you!

With Love, Chloe & Tayler x

Looking to buy Design Concept and Plans?
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